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Thank you for being here!  The purpose of this website is to honor the Coutts Boys and update their supporters on ways in which they can help and to share all of the information in one place.  This will include articles, court updates (to the best of our ability), real news, upcoming events, messages/art from the men, etc...

Please feel free to click on the button below and send the men a message of hope, we will make sure they get them all.  And please know they are grateful for each and every one of your messages.

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Help us fundraise and bring awareness by purchasing some of our              goods.

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All proceeds go to the Boys!!!

Thank you in advance for all of your love and support.

Please note:
In an effort to raise more money for the Coutts Boys we are going to take payment via cash and e
transfer ( for now only.  Payment processing fees are expensive.  If you require another option, please let us know.  This site is not set up to take payment, just pre-orders.  

We will still accept orders via email, but this site makes it a little easier because it asks all the questions.

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Men's & Women's Tank Tops can be ordered through the t-shirt listings.

Sponsor Loid to get a Save The Coutts Boys tattoo!!!

Once we raise $5000, he'll get the logo tattooed on him.  $1000 will go to each Tony, Chris, Jerry, Chris and the remaining $1000 will go to James Sowery.

If we double this, Kaylene will also get a tattoo!

Please email your donations to: & make the answer: tattoo

We have raised $650 as of August 10, 2023 - thank you to everyone who has sent donations so far.  We love you!!!

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If you have a fundraising idea, please email us at: 

Thank you to each and every one of you who has donated, written letters, sent hope and prayers, attended court, etc...

Who Are The Coutts Boys


Anthony Olienick 


"A Prayer from me to the United Peoples Freedom Family"  Honk! Honk!

Thank you oh gracious Lord for providing us with the opportunity to use your everlasting love to help shine the light on the darkness surrounding us.  Lord I give you my heart and my soul and commit to standing for my brothers and sisters who are united by your love and connected to you, whether they know it or not.  Lord you have brought so many caring people together, complete strangers are now like family, a family under one guise, a family guided and protected by your righteous power.  Please Lord I pray you continue to strengthen and grow this wonderful family, please protect it with your angels, please cast away all fear and doubt, please provide the armor of God to shield us from any and all evil that’s lurking in the shadows.  Guide us like a shepherd who cares for his flock and keeps us together on a solid path.  Continue to show us how powerful your unconditional your love really is, that love always defeats hate, hate and evil have already lost, all sin has already been defeated thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  So we shall have nothing to fear further more, moving forward together as one united family as love has already won, we just need to continue to stand firm in our faith, hold the line, share your wisdom, shine your light, and spread your love.  I am forever grateful and humbled to serve you my Lord and to serve this United Peoples Freedom Family.  Thank you Amen.

With Love, 

Tony Olienick


This page wouldn't be near complete without the biggest thank you to Granny Mackay!!!

With the deepest of gratitude, thank you for being our voice!
- The Coutts Boys

Check out Granny's Website and Facebook Page!

"Go have a coffee with a friend and see what kind of problem you can solve today.  Love you all."


Below is a couple short segments of a well written article about the Coutts Boys' arrest and details surrounding it by Donald Best - a former Sergeant (Detective) with the Toronto Police responsible for investigating Canadian police, lawyers, and politicians involved in organized crime, and a leading Canadian anti-corruption whistleblower and activist.

"I did not know that these men were still being held without bail. When I learned of their situation I was surprised and then a bit confused. Everybody makes bail in Canada.

Most Canadians don’t know that these men are being held without bail, and that by the time they get to trial they will have been sitting in remand center jails for over two years."

"To any trained investigator the photo shows substandard, even suspect, evidence handling. It also indicates a surprising sloppiness in the investigation – especially considering the serious nature of the charges against the Coutts Four, and the fact that a conspiracy is alleged.

In addition to the sloppy police work though, we can deduce that the staging of the photo was intended to have a political impact on public discourse about the Freedom Convoy."

Big shout out to Donald for taking the time to understand the case based on the
information available and for writing an honest, thought provoking article!

Just recently, Jason Lavigne started covering the Coutts Boys' case every morning on his show.  Please check it out on YouTube at the link below. 

Oct 6, 2023 was the last show focused on the Coutts Boys. 

We can't thank you enough, Jason!!!

I am, We Are

As I sit here, the realization
Threatens to sink in and haunt me
The words of the media
The lies put forth by officers
The ruling of a court on ideology
The trash talking of those who do not know
And I sit here in my cell
Tears burn the corner of my eyes
My heart almost breaks and shatters
From the smear
Across the windowpane of my heart

But a beam of light
Filters through the window
And gains in brightness
As the sun rises on my day
Granny Mackay comes out of nowhere
Someone I've never met before
And spreads the word
"We see you, we love you, 
No man left behind."
The warmth is felt
The radiance reflects

At night the first star twinkles
Keeping watch
The breeze carries the message
And new hope is born!
We have not been forgotten
And one by one more stars break forth
And the darkness
Isn't so dark anymore...
And I realize again
What I am standing for
And that I am not alone!
Around the world
My name is spoken
In conversation
In prayer

And once again my eyes grow misty
But this time, not looking upward
As only a lonely cry to God
But a grateful heart overflowing
As the symphony swells in volume
The melody so sweet
And I know there is a God, 
People who truly care
My faith is once again renewed
That there are good people still
And the freedom movement is not dead
We are alive
The sun is rising once again

May Justice Reign
May Love Abound
May Miracles Happen

Written for you, 
#Chris Jerry Tony Chris + Granny Mackay

Written for you, by one

Robin Lisa
Light shining in.png

A Poem written by a Dear Friend

Some of you lovely folks have been asking about the significance of the Eagle in the logo...

We love meaning and that's a big reason we wanted to create something for the Coutts Boys.  We want them to know they are cared about and they will need our love and support long after they are released.  We hope that what we have created here lives on for many years to honor and support them!

Back to the Eagle - the eagle symbolizes strength, courage, truth and freedom.  How fitting!  We've been told by a few people that the image gives hope too, even better.  

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